General Functions

For a good Microsoft TeamsĀ configuration you must know for sure which possibilities there are in Microsoft Phone System. For incoming calls, it is a requirement to route callers correctly and quickly to the correct destination, all without human intervention.

Call Queue

With a Call Queue you can forward calls to a specific phonenumber or employees who are members of a group. The caller hears waiting music while the call is made to a free employee. A welcome message can also be provided so that the caller knows where he has arrived.
You can organize switching to a free employee in all sorts of ways. For example, you can try to reach an agent from group 1 and then group 2. Or you can immediately present the call to all free employees.

Choice Menu

An automatic receptionist is a series of spoken directions or audio files that callers hear instead of a human operator when they call an organization. When people call this general number that is linked to an automatic operator, they can make the choices to a department or an employee in your organization with the right key.


Outside opening hours or during general closing, you can play a message via an MP3 file, transfer it to an answering machine or have it transferred to a mobile phone.