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Seeya SIP trunk 0-120€ per month

Microsoft has a Calling plan and we have Seeya. A Teams direct routing subscription.

In Azure, Smartlync has an AudioCodes SBC with a SIP TRUNK to the public network. In collaboration with an international provider we can port all your public numbers to this Trunk. Our Smartvoice SBC is then connected to your Office 365 tenant. So all your branches inland and abroad can be linked to your Office 365 tenant.
Smartlync ensures that the required security is applied and that your direct route in Teams Manager is set correctly. The numbers can then be assigned to your users.

€ 120 per month per tenant or domain
€ 7 per month per user

Each tenant has a general number available and we also provide the configuration of an auto attendant or a call queue. The files for the welcome message and opening hours must be supplied in mp3.
Invoicing, support and management is done through one contact across all countries. This immediately results in less administration work. 
Retention of national and international telephone numbers

  • New numbers available worldwide
  • 100% compatible with Teams
  • Very favorable rates
  • Fast delivery
  • Reporting incoming and outgoing calls