Teams Direct Routing

Direct routing is a tool that mediates between your SIP trunk and Microsoft Phone System using an SBC. Physical or virtual, On-prem or in the cloud. Smartlync has an SBC ready to connect to your Office 365 tenant. It is also possible to provide your own SBC on location or in a data center in the cloud. When an incoming call is received, the SBC mediates a session with your Microsoft Phone System. The session is then passed on to the Microsoft Teams client and then to the intended user. In the same way, an outgoing call is forwarded to the SBC and then to the receiver via the existing SIP trunk.

This is a very elegant solution and is fully scalable from just a few users to tens of thousands.
With direct routing you can keep your existing SIP trunk lines, regardless of the size of your company. It lowers total costs with lower calling costs and helps you gain total control over your communication solution.
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