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Skype for Business?

Is that still around? Hasn't that been replace by Microsoft Teams?

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Why Skype for Business?

The incredible growth of Teams makes us suspect that Skype for Business is no longer an issue. But this is not true. Microsoft continues to invest in this platform and has recently released a new version, Skype for Business Server 2019.
This technology remains available and is primarily suitable for achieving the most complex integration with, among other things, CRM - ERP - Contact center systems. If you do not want to apply a full cloud strategy, you can continue to use Skype for Business.

What are the benefits?


You're anywhere, anytime in contact with your network. Worldwide. All you need is your phone and an Internet connection. You can use Skype for Business via any device: communication is possible via Windows PCs and Windows Phone, onscreen, but also on smartphones with iOS and Android. Skype for Business you choose a secure system for integrated online communication.


You communicate more efficiently. For example, you can see if your coworkers are available or busy, so you do not disturb them during their work. Additionally, you decide which communication is most appropriate for the situation and you can switch quickly between different options: chat, audio, video and conferencing.


You can count on a perfect integration of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft CRM. Cooperation with other software applications running smoothly. For example, you like easy digital notes with during your conference call with OneNote share. A productive day guaranteed!


You save a lot of time in the integration of Skype for Business. And time is money, you obviously knew But on the fiscal side is not the only advantage. Your telecom costs take a brisk swim. And we have not even mentioned the heavy investment in a new telephone system that you do not need to do more.

Loss of time and Travels

You and your staff greater flexibility in time and space. Skype for Business, you can communicate in words, sound and image, and where you are. Are all these trips to foreign branches still necessary? And you can not avoid traffic jams by working at home or in a flexible office? One thing is certain: thanks to Skype for Business, you have less and less practical objections to the new way of working.

Thanks to
Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

  • Your Customer Service improves.
  • The productivity in your company increases.
  • You can collaborate and communicate smarter.
  • You save time And money.
  • You and your employees will have to travel less.

The ultimate benefit of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams?

You work where and when you want and you are no longer tied to the desk on which your telephone is placed.

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