Skype for Business: Our stepwise approach

Skype for Business represents a different way of working. Efficient, faster, more transparent. Smartlync guides you step by step. No radical change to a new method which your employees are not ready. But a phased approach leading to effective implementation.

Step 1

Smartlync analyze your telecom situation: We take your infrastructure, software, licenses, and phone bills under scrutiny.

Step 2

Smartlync maps your communication flows. How your employees communicate with each other and with your customers? How complex is your call flow? Moans your customer with your extensive menus? Lay your provider sometimes frustrated the phone down when he is transferred for the third time with the wrong person?

Step 3

Smartlync designs for a more efficient process with Skype for Business and creates a tailored proposal for you.

Step 4

Smartlync put your business on the road to sustainable, innovative communication scores with your customers and your employees. We guide you through each step and integrate Skype for Business seamlessly into your daily operation. We take your expectations and those of your employees together.

In short: Smartlync we go far beyond a simple technical implementation of Skype for Business. We coach you and your employees, your company prepare for the changes and support you in every phase of the rollout. Do your employees specific questions? Start new employees in your company? Even then Smartlync provides the proper support.